Today we have an incredible story to show you about a young couple who were chasing storms for thrills and ended up finding a message in a bottle. The young couple just wanted to take pictures of a raging storm and they ended up with a treasure on their hands. What they do with it after reading the message is so powerful that their story could be made into a movie.

20. Message In A Bottle

There are lots of movies and books about people who find messages in bottles that help them discover incredible treasures. However, this is not what’s going to happen today because the message in the bottle found by the young couple is about something emotional, not gold or pirate chests.

19. Allen and Nikki Gibson

These two are Allen Gibson and Nikki Snow. The couple livesĀ in Florida and when hurricane Irma was coming, they decided to stick around and try to take some video footage of the storm. This is a risky idea, but the thrill of the chase is exactly what Allen and Nikki wanted.

18. Thrill Chasers

Even though most people would run to safety if a hurricane was coming their way, Allen and Nikki decided to stick around. They brought a camera with them and they were getting reading to film some amazing footage.

17. The Bottle

As the hurricane was getting closer, the couple decided to start running towards safety. This is when Nikki spotted a strange bottle on the beach. The interesting thing about this bottle is that it still had its cork in so it wasn’t just a piece of thrash.

16. Running Away

Even though they were intrigued to read the message, Allen and Nikki had to run to their homes. They couldn’t stop in the middle of the storm and read the message so they decided to read it when they got home.

15. Spanish Message Gibson

To their surprise, they couldn’t read the message. The person who wrote the message did it in Spanish and neither Allen nor Nikki could understand it. This made the couple even more intrigued than before.

14. Research

Since the message was not in English, Nikki started doing some research in order to understand the message. Unfortunately, the writing wasn’t easy to understand for non-Spanish speakers and Nikki couldn’t get that much information out of it.

13. Great Idea

Allen and Nikki really wanted to find out what the message had to say and this is when Allen had a great idea. Allen works at a Cuban restaurant and one of the chefs is bilingual.

12. Cuban Restaurant

Allen knew that taking the message to the restaurant’s chef and asking him to read it out loud might be awkward, but he was willing to do it because he was just too curious!

11. Meet Alfredo

This man is Alfredo, he is the chef at the restaurant where Allen works at. Alfredo is from Cuba and he could understand the message without any problems. Taking the message to him was the right thing to do.

10. Powerful MessageĀ

As Alfredo was reading the message, he was nearly brought to tears. This is a powerful message from a woman who is suffering from heartbreak and her career is not going too well. The woman is from Cuba, close to Alfredo’s city of birth.

9. Amazing People Gibson

Alfredo understood that the woman who wrote the message was seeking for help from someone, anyone! The man looked Allen and Nikki in their eyes and thanked them for being amazing people. Alfredo knew that he had to help the heartbroken woman feel better.

8. Tropical Island

Luckily, the woman who wrote the message also noted her name on the paper. The woman lives on a tropical island near Cuba and things are not going too well in her life. The reason why she threw the bottle in the ocean is because she was hoping that a greater power might help her. Good thing the message landed in Alfredo’s hands.

7. Chila Lynn

Alfredo found out that the woman who wrote the message is called Chila Lynn. She is a singer and Alfredo knew that he had to get in touch with her. The man felt like a divine power picked the message from the ocean and brought it to his hands.

6. A Kind Of Prayer

The practice of writing a message, putting it into a bottle and throwing it into the ocean is a kind of prayer for people who live on tropical islands. They believe that higher powers are going to read it and help them out.

5. Feeling Stuck

Chila Lynn wrote in the message the she feels stuck on the tropical island and that she wants someone to save her. One week after reading the message, Alfredo found Chila’s email decided to message her.

4. First Response

Even though Alfredo expected a different kind of response, Chila Lynn was angry when she received his mail. The woman believed that Alfredo was someone who lived in Cuba and he was making fun of her.

3. The Truth

Understandably, Chila Lynn couldn’t understand how the message arrived in Florida. However, Alfredo told her the story of hurricane Irma storming the waters and throwing the bottle on the shore and Chila Lynn understood.

2. Motivation

Alfredo shared a couple of words of wisdom with Chila Lynn and he motivated her to keep working on her singing career. He promised her that he is going to do his best to get her to sing in Florida where people there is a big community of Spanish speaking people.

1. Upcoming Tour

The words of Alfredo motivated Cila Lynn and she released a new album after a couple of months. The album is called “Love and Milk” and Cila Lynn has gathered a band in order to tour the US and meet Alfredo.