Dogs are exceptional creatures when it comes to loyalty, intuition and affection, and that’s why they make such great companions. Ask any dog owner and they will tell you that the moment they adopted or bought a dog, their lives became more extraordinary, because that’s how fulfilling and rewarding is to have such a friend. This woman who has a dog knows exactly how important this bond is. Here’s why…

20. John Boy

What an original name for a doggo! John Boy is the hero of our story. The doggo is a beautiful black Labrador, who is incredibly smart and intuitive. What he did for his owner is absolutely amazing.

19. Jeff Gonzalez

Jeff Gonzalez is a police officer in the quiet neighborhood of Autumn Ridge, Wisconsin. His day began as another day of duty, but it quickly turned out to be something completely unpredictable. Mr. Gonzalez was about to become a hero as well.

18. Winter Morning

It was a really cold day in Autumn Ridge, Wisconsin, with lots of snow on the ground and slippery roads. Jeff Gonzalez was on duty that particular day when he noticed something out of the ordinary.

17. Our John

There was a black dog wandering the streets, all alone. What was even stranger was the way he was acting. The dog seemed panicked, distressed and in search of something or someone. So, Jeff Gonzalez decided to get a closer look.

16. Faith Restored

Mr. Gonzalez was not responsible for assisting lost pets; his job did not require him to do this. Nevertheless, the police officer was an animal lover and wanted to make sure everything was alright. After all, it was the right thing to do.

15. Thinking Ahead

Except having an affinity for dogs and animals in general, Jeff Gonzalez wanted to prevent an unwanted accident. Seeing this dog pacing back and forth near the road, he was afraid he might run into the road. He had to calm the poor dog down somehow.

14. Smart Doggo

Thinking he was dealing with a lost dog case, he pulled his car up close to the dog and started to interact with the Labrador Retriever. As soon as John Boy noticed the attention, he started barking and jumping around frantically.

13. Something Strange

The black Labrador Retriever seemed friendly and looked good and clean, he definitely had an owner somewhere in the neighborhood. But something did not feel right, like Mr. Gonzalez was missing something really obvious from the dog’s behavior.

12. Taking Action

So, the police officer stepped out of the car to calm the dog down and maybe return him to his owner. However, the dog started to become even more agitated when he got out of the car. At first, Jeff Gonzalez thought he scared the poor dog, but something else was happening.

11. Running Out Of Time

The dog looked like he wanted to tell Mr. Gonzalez something extremely important, but that was obviously impossible to achieve. Instead, he decided to show the police officer what was truly going on.

10. Hurry, Hurry

John Boy wanted the police officer to follow him. The black Lab started running ahead and kept looking back as if he was asking Mr. Gonzalez to pick up the pace. The police officer realized something wrong was going on and decided to follow the dog.

9. Close Inspection

The chase did not last long. The dog and the police officer soon arrived at a nearby house. Jeff Gonzalez did not waste any moment and started inspecting the place, wanting to find out what was causing the dog so much distress.

8. Bad News

Getting closer to the house’s front porch, Officer Gonzalez found a woman passed out in a chair. He assumed she was the dog’s owner, but she did not react when the two got closer. So, the police officer quickly assessed her condition and what he found out was not good at all.

7. Still Alive?

The woman did not move when Officer Gonzalez touched her, so Jeff Gonzalez assumed the worst. “I thought she was dead. And when I went up, she was very cold to the touch. Her lips were blue”, he admitted.

6. Help On The Way

But Jeff Gonzalez didn’t lose hope and quickly checked her pulse. Fortunately, the woman was still alive, but the police officer had to act fast. He immediately called 911 and hoped that it would arrive fast. While he was waiting, he called his partner, who later helped to carry the woman inside the house.

5. The Family Had To Know

The low temperature was putting her life at risk too, so the two partners moved her inside. While they were waiting, they managed to identify the woman as Krystal Wendt and tried to reach her family. “Basically, what he told me was… he said that they thought that she was dead”, Tianne, daughter of Krystal said.

4. Worrying

Tianne and her aunt quickly rushed to the hospital, where they found out that Krystal was suffering from a heart condition. The doctors assumed that the woman has been unconscious in the cold weather for almost an hour, but she survived. All thanks to her amazing dog and good-hearted officer.

3. Special Bond

John Boy and his mom, Krystal, shared a very special relationship. “He’s very protective of my mom”, Tianne said. However, this is not hard to believe since John Boy was adopted and returned to the local shelter two times, before finding his forever home.

2. Gratitude

After the whole nightmare was done, Tianne gave Officer Gonzalez a big hug and thanked him for his hard work and dedication. Krystal was on her way to recovery and all thanks to John Boy and the amazing police officer.

1.Amazing Animals

A lot of people think the world of their pets and love them just like another family member. This story is proof that dogs are just as dedicated as any family member and they would go to whatever lengths necessary to save the lives of their loved ones!