The Healevate Story

By Jordan Kravitz

As a kid growing up, I was pretty crazy about WWE (then known as WWF) pro wrestling. I would associate periods in my young life with what was happening inside the squared circle.

Ask me what I did in the summer of 1989 and my mind will drift back to Sammy’s Restaurant in Montreal, where my dad and I watched SummerSlam ‘89.

By 1997 western society had changed, as it was in seek of rebellion against authority. I know that, of course, because what else could explain the white-hot popularity of the anti-hero known as Stone Cold Steve Austin?

But after getting sick, I began to associate years or eras from my past based on where my health was at that particular time.


Summer 2001… Accutane.

Fall 2005… Diet overhaul.

When I really think about it though, I also often associated my health with my financial situation of that time as well.

My relationship with money has always been a complicated one. I wasn’t born into it, nor did my family acquire much of it as I was growing up. And in spite of being constantly surrounded by wealthy friends and acquaintances, the idea of financial security felt about as real to me as Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy.

Back in 2003 when I first started exploring the world of, let’s call it… unconventional medicine, I felt consumed by the guilt of knowing that whatever savings my parents had were being spent on long-shot products and consultations. I couldn’t believe how expensive it could be to find vibrant health, something that I had previously believed was a birthright.

While there’s no doubt that your health is at the very top of the list of things to invest in, you only want to spend your money on things that will move the needle for you in real life, not just on paper. The way to accomplish this is by educating yourself PRIOR to opening your wallet, otherwise you end up squandering money on consultations, products and testing that you simply don’t need.

Fast forward to 2014, as I pondered how to fuse my passion for health with my experience in working on the internet. My vision was to share my knowledge with the rest of the world, in a way that could spare people from wasted time, money and heartache.

And so began the formulation for what would eventually become known as Healevate. I quickly established two goals for the site:

  1. I wanted to create a site that would provide guidance on how to regain one’s health by addressing the root causes of illness.
  2. I wanted to spare people from having to waste precious time sifting through the entire internet, without much of a clue as to who to trust or where to start.

With all of the medical disciplines out there, including conventional medicine, western medicine, eastern medicine, functional medicine, integrative medicine, alternative medicine, naturopathic medicine and way too many more, people can sometimes develop tunnel vision and become committed to one specific path, while neglecting the potential benefits of the others.

If something has the potential to help you feel well, I’d say it merits your attention. In fact, I bet if you get to the heart of what you’re really trying to accomplish, you’ll see that you’re not a supporter of any one modality as much as you’re a health detective in seek of the shortest road to a pot of health gold.

Circle of TrustIf It’s Here, It’s Been Pre-Approved

The site’s initial purpose was to curate health information from trustworthy health authorities, and present it to you in an easily digestible format. I don’t seek to play doctor on the internet, nor do I pretend to be the go-to expert in every single area of health. But I can say with a lot of confidence that I’ve figured out who to turn to for answers on specific topics and in particular areas.

While on certain topics I can confidently call myself an authority figure, I’m most valuable to you on all topics as the ultimate curator. I know how tough it can be to determine whether the information that you’re reading is credible. At one point or another, we’ve all gotten caught in the Google Search Spiral of Doom.

If only I could go back in time and steer my younger self away from most of the junk that exists on the internet. A lot of what I researched online led to false hope, squandered money, and a few dangerous attempts at restoring my health. But above all, it led to a lot of wasted time. And make no mistake about it- the most valuable commodity that any of us have is time.

Like many companies, my vision got modified a little along way. In addition to the great health education that we provide, I came to realize that inspiration was a component that was just as vital to one’s health journey and recovery. And so we began to profile the journeys of real people going through real health battles. We also began to post quotes that inspired us, funny videos that made us laugh, and anything else that we thought you could benefit from.

To keep the mission in motion, we generate income from the site. When considering income opportunities, we stick to two important commitments:

  1. We consistently offer the exact type of content that I needed all those years ago when I was lost and overwhelmed… for FREE.
  2. While we need to generate enough money for my team and I to earn a living, that money must be earned in ways that don’t put people who are down and out in a more compromising position than they’re already in.

You’ll notice that there are ads placed throughout the site. While ads can often times be an eyesore, we’ve done a pretty good job of minimizing their impact on user experience. We also filter ads as best we can so as not to display products or services that go against what we stand for.

Now don’t get me wrong, I get annoyed by ads as much as the next person. But when I look at these ads, I smile- and so should you. You see, for the first time, big companies and ad agencies are unintentionally dipping into their deep pockets to fund your health education and healing journey.

Prior to launching Healevate, I shared my idea for the site with a few highly successful business acquaintances. Knowing that my pockets were perhaps not quite deep enough for me to dive into this head first the way I was planning to, a few people advised me that I wouldn’t be able to help others until I’d be able to help myself. Here’s the thing… I’m not fantasizing about getting rich. Rather, I’m fantasizing about flipping the question. What if helping oneself can be best accomplished BY helping others?

As we progress on this journey together, the living that we earn here at Healevate will be a byproduct of the value that we bring to your life. And for that value, hopefully you’ll continue to allow us to be your trusted destination for health education and inspiration.