It cannot possibly be a coincidence! We just gathered some photos with animals that look like they are posing for their album covers. And they don’t just look awesome, but you can even figure out what they’d sing! Judging by this funny collection of photos, these guys are surely going to make the top charts.

Now let’s check them out and learn a few things about posing because these animals are really talented! They really make you want to create a list of songs that work with their faces – like we did here at #6!

20. Hard Rock Squirrels

A band’s album must have a great album cover for a good impression. Most of them are created to send a message about the mood of the album. And these nutty guys really know how to show off their personality and music. Expect some guitar solos from the tough guy on the right. The one in the middle is definitely the drummer – and we all know who’s the singer, right?

Check out another critter, this time more emotional.

19. The Diva

Step aside, Mariah Carey, this lovely lady is stealing the top charts with her high notes and emotional lyrics. Her gorgeous clothes show off a natural vibe, and her voice must be heavenly. She will surely grab an award this year with her winter hits! And she’s not the only one to ravage some hearts – check out this macho… man at #8!

18. The Hottest Indie Rock Album…

They say they’re Indie Rock, but they also have some Folk influences. The first album seems to be a success, even if it was released with a low budget. You don’t need a lot of money with these voices and impressive haircuts, right?

Check out this next duo that was considering a similar album cover.

17. Best Country Duo

This country duo will release a classic album with some awesome songs. We love their haircuts too, and just looking at how the wind plays with their locks is enchanting. These guys must be heartbreakers!

Taking about heartbreakers, guess who stole hearts back in the 60s? They are classy, they got style and sunglasses!

16. Bring Back the 60’s!

This album cover shows the 60s are back and they are here to settle music and fashion trends all over again! Don’t fight the pop, ‘cause you’re missing all the fun. Nobody will be able to resist this band’s music since they are bringing their A-game.

Here’s another band, if you like glasses and flannel…

15. Fall Out (GOOD) Boys

This mixed band features four good boys and a tough tabby ready to go on to the stage and rock out. If they’re the furry version of the Fall Out Boy, these pets should be called Fall Out (GOOD) Boys! And yes, we’ll include the cat this time, cause he looks really chill.

Did we say the cat was chill? You haven’t seen the next dude!

14. Hottest Mandrill Mixtape 2018

A unique album cover must reflect a singer’s performance. This Mandrill just finished the hottest Mixtape of this year, and it includes chill vibes to listen to as you drink your coffee and contemplate the meaning of life. Honestly, we cannot wait to hear his album – maybe it’s on Spotify!

Meanwhile, this guy shares some “feels” with the world…

13. Step Aside, Justin Timberlake!

“Cry me a river” was a hit, and when we saw Justin Timberlake appear in that video, we lost it! This guy might be a copy-cat (erm… copy-dog?), but he’s sending the melancholy right through the screen. Probably one of his songs is titled: “I’m Not a Good Boy.” And the album cover was done in the shower! See what some close-ups and a little bit of lighting can do?

12. Wu-Pand Clan

These pandas are not your regular boy-band. No, they know how to live on the wild side and have a lot of rimes that end in “us,” ‘cause… “Eucalyptus!” You can tell that the Wu-Pand Clan is chill and probably the best band in the world.

Check out these other bands – each sporting an attitude we’d never pull off!

11. Street Stories, Vol. I

These doves are straight out of Crumpton and will spit some street rhymes to leave you breathless. Their lyrics are fit for a hardcore rap album, and they’re focused on the tough life on the streets, working to gather those breadcrumbs. You’ve probably heard of their last hit “Rooftop Rap.”

Here’s another hit you might be familiar with at #6!

10. Metal Band

They’re from Finland, and they’re here to rock on and shed on you like there’s no tomorrow. They’re Big, Bad, and Fluffy, and are the best Finnish rock band you’ve ever heard of. Wait until you hear their growls! They’re the Mrowr duo…!

9. Best Folk Band Ever

The best folk album of the year goes to the Horn and Hooves, a contemporary progressive folk band you have probably never heard of, but that’s because you’re too into commercial music like the next one. Ugh, the music isn’t what it used to be…

8. Summer Macho Hits

The summer sensation of Australia is here to steal your girl! Ever heard that hit at the club? He released it in this album, and you’ll probably keep on hearing it at each and every party you attend this year. This tough Roo also has a poster many girls already hanged on their walls!

7. The Pop Trio

The Horson to your Hanson, the pop to your bubblegum, this band is definitely trendy! And if you thought this band just got away with a selfie as an album cover, check out these other guys at #4– they didn’t even lift a paw…

6. Electric Party Hits

These guys have released the famous songs “Frostbite,” “Snow Blind,” and “Little Birds.” They like to mix the old and the new, so if you’re into these tunes, they’re the perfect band for your next electric party.

If you’re into solo artists, this guy from #2 will make your day.

5. Top Christmas Carols

There’s nothing more beautiful and peaceful like a Christmas Carol album when you can feel like the choir is singing as if they were on your branch-sorry, we meant PORCH, not branch…

4. The Band With the Selfies

The lead singer will always want to be in front of every other band member. Just look at this young lady, feeling on top of the world and above the twin guitarists in the background. Talking about girls, check this next band!

3. Girl Band’s Debut Rap Album

This girl band is ready to take on the world with their rap beats. Their lyrics are raw and ruthless, so don’t be fooled by the cute dude in the middle – it’s a trap!

Let’s check out the last superstars: the solo artist and the bass dropper!

2. Solo Album Hitting the Top 5

This solo artist has just released his album, and his song “Forever Faithful” has been the top song of the week. We think the next one will be “Where Do the Squirrels Go?” probably followed by “Avalanche Falls.” And the last one is a hoot!

1. Dropping the Bass

Looking at the feathery member of the band, it seems that they’re a DnB duo, with the chill pooch creating the sounds and the tough owl constantly dropping the bass! The dog won’t drop the bass because that’s not what the good boys do – that’s what his momma taught him!