Fall crept up on us right when we were trying to figure out what to wear for this windy warm weather. Instead of saying no to shift to autumn – as much as we loved summer, this season is perfect for treating ourselves to a haircut or a small effortless update. We found some tips from famous L.A. stylists, and they gave us a few ideas on what are the looks for this fall.

We’ve added some ideas for different lengths, textures, but also focused on easy to arrange styles to make you look great until that winter update.

20. Half-up Top Knot


What better hairstyle examples than the ones chosen by celebrities’ stylists? Margot Robbie’s style combines two classics we love, one of which we used a lot during the hot summer: the top knot. Now that we can stand hair touching out the neck, we can release half of it and let it frame our pretty features!

Secure the top know with a ponytail holder to make sure it stays up. Talking about face-framing…

19. Let the Breeze Hit You!


These flattering face-framing layers will complement the autumn breeze, and it works on any face shape. Plus, it makes you look like a modern-day Pocahontas with leaves flowing around you, and the volume screams “beauty” and “healthy locks”! This look was made by the famous LA stylist Sal Salcedo.

18. Go Back to the 60s


The perfect romantic look for this autumn is the classic ‘60s hairstyle which has a sleek, smooth look, with a flip out at the ends. Lily Collins and Zendaya rocked this look on the red carpet and it works with medium length and shoulder length hair. If your hair is already that long, you’ll just have to add shape and dimension.

17. At The Paris Fashion Week


Alanna Arrington spotted at Paris Fashion Week wore her curls natural, freshly washed and with little to no other intervention. If your hair is that curly #6, you can adjust the look while it’s wet to untangle it and add some styling cream to stay like that. The girls with straight hair can air dry and use a curling iron to add some curls in different directions for a natural look.

16. Fake Bangs


If you’re not ready to commit to bangs, you can easily make new ones by flipping part of your long hair from the back of your head and put the rest up in a knot, just like Chrissy Teigen did. You will need a wide comb and some bobby pins to hold it all together and voila!

The next hairstyle is for the more courageous women…

15. Blunt Bobs


The lob is dead, and stylist Silvestera cannot agree more, adding that “Women who became comfortable going from long hair to mid-length hair have now built up enough courage to go shorter.” Which really makes sense, right? You have a medium length hair and want to update your hairstyle? Well, you can’t cut it long, so go shorter…

And for those with super long hair, this hairstyle rocks!

14. The Low Braid


We love braids, Logan Browning and Camila Cabello made the low braid so popular that it’s going to be a hit this fall, explains stylist Hawkins, adding some tips on how to get the look: “brush or comb your hair into a low ponytail when it’s still wet.” You should also apply some hair oil on its length to give it a nice shine.

We also found a fun way to add some style to braided locks.

13. Shiny Strands


Jennifer Garner’s glossy hair at a recent red carpet event shows us that the most important thing this season is to have a healthy-looking hair. Use some deep conditioning and leave-in conditioner to get rid of frizzy hair and you’ll shine like a diva this fall!

Get flirty with this next hairstyle…

12. Flirty Bangs


Hair professional Christian Wood had a Brigitte Bardot inspiration he used on Bryce Dallas Howard’s beautiful locks. He added a flirty textured fringe and messy bangs to a high ponytail.

And if you don’t have enough time to pull this look, try the next one – it’s a lifesaver when you run late to work!

11. A Sleek Ponytail


Zendaya wore her hair into a low ponytail, smoothing it in a sleek updo but also making it look rich by pulling it back. You’ll need some power wax spray for this hairstyle, but it won’t take long to pull the look – maybe three minutes tops! It’s perfect for the mornings when you’re out of time.

And talking about running late in the morning…

10. Bed Head Locks


Priyanka Chopra’s “I-just-woke-up” hairstyle on the red carpet is perfect for the autumn. If your hair is straight, use a curling iron to get some loose curls and shake them out a little to get the tousled look. It will blend perfectly with the windy season!

9. Add Some Color


Even though it’s autumn and everything seems to turn into shades of brown: nature, clothes, hair shades… But you can liven up your hair with some pastel colors as the temperatures start to cool down. Lucy Hale wore it before going back to being a brunette, but we have a feeling her hairstylist Kristin Ess will change it again.

Check out Nina Dobrev’s new look – it’s stunning!

8. Is That Her? – Brand New Look


Can you believe how much a new hairstyle can change someone’s features? It took us a few seconds to realize we were staring at Nina Dobrev’s awesome angular bob. She looked amazing with long hair, but this new look makes her cuter and it gives her a more romantic, autumn-ready air.

7. Sophisticated Bangs


Talking about cute, choppy bangs are in, and ready to replace shaggy bangs. If you have shoulder-long hair, than fresh cute bangs instantly refresh your baby bob look. It also works with longer hair! This adorable and playful hairstyle was created by Sal Salcedo.

6. Zazie Beetz’s Awesome Curls


When you have amazing hair and a ton of volume, you can use many ideas and styles to make a statement. Zazie Beetz’s stylist Lacy Redway added some cute #4 bobby pins that match the earrings to add a touch of flair.

There are other small details like the headband trick in the next photo.

5. Add Style and Warmth With Headbands


Hairstylist Kristin Ess recommends adding scarves and headbands for a stylish fall look. Not only they look awesome, but they’re also functional, helping your hair stay up or loose.

Go rummage through your prettiest headbands or scarves, but not before you’ve seen this awesome look at #2.

4. A Short Bob


Gabrielle Union-Wade wears a bold bob, making even more celebs get major hairstyle changes this fall. Are you courageous enough to cut your hair and rock the short bob?

3. Don’t Cut the Bangs


If you don’t want to cut your bangs but really want to try a new look, use cool hair pins and try interesting hacks like this one. Or go a little wild with a side braid filled with pierces, like the next Instagram user!

2. The Pierced Side Braid


This look really takes out the Viking in you, right? Go for different kinds of braids – French, normal, fishtail, and add some piercings or metal findings of various shapes. It’s an awesome look we’d totally rock to a concert!

1. Half Braid


Let your hair air dry, but not before you’ve twisted and half braided some of your hair. It will dry into a nice wavy mane, and make you look like a diva!

So, did you decide which look you’ll choose this fall? Try some of the ideas that don’t require cutting before making a major change. This way, you’ll get to see which style fits you better!