This Inspiring and Hilarious Woman Explains Why Healthy Living is Simple

By Jordan Kravitz


Connection. We’re all in seek of it, in one form or another. We want to feel understood, heard, and ultimately… not alone. Coming across another person who shares your views, values or beliefs can bring with it feelings of completion and togetherness.

Inspiration. We’re all in need of it… all the time. Without it, life can get a little monotonous, and far too comfortable.

Efficiency. I’m always happy to discover something that can save me time, because I’ve got a lot that I like to devote myself toward in a given day.

Connection + inspiration + efficiency. Just thinking about it makes me remember the first time I popped a Starburst candy in my mouth as a kid. Explosion of excitement.

With that said, allow me to introduce you to Alyssa Schoenberg. From the moment that her mug hit my screen, her infectious energy jumped out at me and made me feel as though she “gets it.” After listening to her speak, I crossed “Produce Video on How Being Healthy Can Be Really Simple” off my to-do list. As mentioned, I love time-savers, and this video is exactly that.

As for the inspiration component? This woman is equal parts beautiful and dorky, which is a delightful combination. And above all, she’s authentic – a real person looking to inspire other real people from all over the globe… by simply being real. There are more of us looking to feel fabulous and fit into our jeans than there are those seeking to down powders and pills containing unpronounceable ingredients in an attempt to develop meathead physiques.

Alyssa explains just how simple, straight-forward and even fun (gasp, it’s true!) it can be to get healthy and look great. Instead of counting calories, researching fancy-name diets or burning out your hormonal system at the gym, have a listen to what she has to say – I really couldn’t have said it better myself.