It all started when a group of Chinese explorers decided to investigate one of the most immense sinkholes in the region of Fengshan County, in China. They wanted to explore a sinkhole that no human had ever landed a foot in it. They weren’t ready though to find this down there.

20. The Unknown Wonders

Planet earth keeps its secret very well hidden and sometimes, finding really special wonders takes some time and effort. Other times just luck. This was the case for these Chinese explorers who were exploring some unmapped territories.

19. Sinkholes

Sinkholes are one of the rarest things that someone can find given that they form really rarely. They form just under our feet and hold secrets that only the bravest explorers can explore! Click next to see what happened in this particular sinkhole!

18. Fengshan County

There is a particular area in Fengshan County, in South Central China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region that is a quite famous tourist attraction and of course, it’s full of sinkholes. Most of them are undiscovered.

17. How Sinkholes Form

Sinkholes seem to form in what’s called a Karst environment that means that due to the erosion of rock type, they’re soluble in water. Water dissolves some types of rock in a period of time and voila, you’ve got you’re self a sinkhole!

16. Sinkhole Depression

Sinkholes some time form out of nowhere, leading to accidents that humans have no means of predicting. As the procedure explained above is happening,a phenomenon named sinkhole depression takes place. Sinkholes can also form because of frequent low temperatures and thawing of subsurface water. But what does all of this have to do with our story?

15. Complex Cave System

The Fengshan County that the Chinese explorers were researching is a karst region widely famous for its massive and complex cave systems. This area also attracts scientists that study multiple phenomena that happen in the caves.

14. Four-Day Expedition

These Chinese scientists launched a four-day expedition to explore the wonders of this strange physical wonder. They were from the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences which is an institute of Karst Geology and the International Cave Association.

13. An Enormous Sinkhole

The crew was on a very important mission. They had to gather information and measure the exact dimensions of a tremendously large sinkhole. When they arrived there, they gasped at amazement!

12. Dangerous

You may wonder just how dangerous this is. Well, indeed it is quite dangerous but these are trained professional with years of practice done in order to do this. They lowered themselves down and their job had just begun!

11. They Were Amazed

When the crew finished lowering themselves down the sinkhole, they were amazed to see the immense natural beauty of the sinkhole. The view was stunning and soon they realized that this wasn’t an ordinary sinkhole.

10. Tiankeng

A Chinese scientist said that this was a Tiankeng. Tiankeng is actually translated to “skyhole” and it’s a term that Chinese people give to sinkholes that reach down over 100 feet. There aren’t many known Tiankengs discovered!

9. Examining The Entrance

Then, the scientists proceeded further in where they used a 3D scanning technique while trying to determine the exact size of the main hall and all the cave’s rooms.

8. Enormous

Soon they made an amazing discovery! The basement of the cavern dropped almost 400feet below and it was 650 feet long. Also the entrance was ~330 feet wide. That’s quite large for a sinkhole!

7. How Big?

The dimensions of the cave were massive! Just to put into perspective, the cavern was big enough to fir the Great Pyramid of Giza not once, but twice!

6. All Hidden

It’s worth mentioning that all of this beauty is hidden underground and only a special group of people know about it. The team was behind a monumental discovery!

5. Might Collapse

The team also realized that there was a complex network of underground rivers that ultimately connect and feed the Panyang River. Also the cavern might be in mid-collapse.

4. The Cause

As we’ve explained how sinkholes form it was now made obvious that underground rivers are the main cause of their formation.

3. They Weren’t The First

Although this team made the monumental discovery and measured the sinkhole it’s worth mentioning that an other team from Hong Kong discovered the sinkhole first, but they weren’t able to study it extensively.  In their honor they named the cavern Hong Kong Haiting Hall.

2. Shed Some Light

Scientist hope that teams like this that study the sinkholes and especially this one, will finally shed some light on some strange things that happen in the area. Most notably, the always changing landscape of th

1. Nature Wonders

As one of the scientists put it, it is scary when you first see the true nature of this planet but soon you realize just how beautiful some hidden gems are. You only have to discover them!