The temple known as Sri Padmanabhaswamy located in India is a temple that is said to hold many riches from times passed. As of recent the temple has just been getting audited revealing just how much money is within the temple walls. There have been several mysteries surrounding the temple and the riches inside and it has only recently been revealed as to what those secrets actually are!

25. Treasure Hunting

People have been treasure hunting ever since gold was suspected to be hidden in different places around the world. There have been legends of great kings who buried their gold that people have spent their whole lives trying to find. As for this temple, the gold inside is mostly known to everyone and it is just sitting there. Here’s why…

24. The Richest Temple In The World

The Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple is known as the richest temple in the world and for good reason. The temple is large in size and contains many chambers, each with tons and tons of gold in them. The temple has a lot of history behind it that dates back to ancient rulers who stored their riches inside this temple. But that’s not all!

23. What Lies Inside

The inside of the temple is a mystery to most people. There are chambers inside the temple that haven’t been unlocked for centuries! But recent findings show that the ancient temple is truly filled with riches – check out the experts’ estimated value at #17.

Researchers have uncovered a sacred mystery…

22. Massive Doors Guard the Treasures

The Padmanabhaswamy Temple has secret vaults filled with treasures, each one lying behind such a massive door. Each room was named Chamber A through F, and they have been pried open with great difficulty by a committee of seven experts. But one of the rooms was left unopened!

21. Plated In Gold

If a temple is crowned the “richest temple in the world” it has to look the part right? Well, in this case the Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple does indeed dress the part. The outside of the temple is gold plated and stands out in the skyline when visiting the small town just at the base of the large temple.

20. Behind the Doors

What could be in those chambers? Thankfully, the committee could open five of the vaults and were stunned to see incredible treasures in the form of diamonds, silver, gold, precious stones, idols, cons, vesels and many more riches, such as hundreds of historical documents written on palm leaves that date back to the 1300s!

And that is just the beginning!

19. The Final Mysterious Vault

Due to recent findings it is estimated that the temple in total holds around $1 trillion dollars worth of gold and items within its chambers. But nobody has yet seen what the Chamber B has hidden inside. Here is what experts think that they could find inside and why nobody wants to try to open it anymore…

18. The Protectors

Many legends surround the Vault B within the temple. It is said that the temple holds immense riches and that no one has ever been inside due to the consequences of opening the doors. Legends say that the door that holds the riches is guarded by two Cobras which represent the immense suffering that will plague anyone who attempts to open the door.

17. None Shall Open The Door

Vault B remained the only vault to be closed while all the other vaults were opened and discovered. This is due to the curse that surrounds the vault. Anyone who believed in the curse wouldn’t even approach the door. The door itself is difficult to open as there is no doorknobs or latches on the door.

Here’s what happened to the committee who opened the other doors… This is unbelievable!

16. A Cursed Vault

People think that the chambers have been cursed because of the members of the committee began feeling ill after trying to open Chamber B. Sunder Rajan, the man that wanted to make a summary of the riches inside the temple died a few years after that. But the mystery will soon be revealed at #13!

15. Flooding an Entire City!

Think of it: two giant cobras staring back at you waiting for you to find a way in. There are legends of spells cast by religious officials and the vault can only be opened by a priest that knows the Garuda Mantra, or that the temple’s vault B is connected to the ocean and once opened, it will flood the entire city.

Is there a way to open the Chamber B? Auditor General Vinod Rai solved this mystery!

14. The Other Vaults

It seems that even the High Court of India has warned the public against opening the door. Some believe that if they try to open Vault B, they would suffer the wrath of Naga Bandham, the snake-binding spell.

Want to learn the truth about it? Here it is in the next photos.

13. The Truth Behind Vault B

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While many people do believe that Vault B is cursed and anyone who opens it will be cursed with doom for the rest of their lives, it is just a hoax. According to Auditor General Vinod Rai Vault B had been opened around a half dozen times in the early 90’s and no such curse befell him or the people who helped him.

So why did they keep it a secret until recently? For a good reason…

12. Disappearance Of The Gold

In 2016 an audit was conducted and revealed that a large amount of gold had been taken from one of the chambers and they confirmed that it “mysteriously disappeared”. The total damage came out to be around 769 Gold Pots and Silver bars missing from the temple itself.

11. The Secret Tunnel

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How would someone make off with that much gold without someone noticing you may be asking yourself? Well, many skeptics believe that there was a hidden tunnel built underneath the temple which allowed the people who stored the gold there so many years ago to seal the door and still have an exit. Many believe this is what the thief used to take the gold.

10. The Chamber Within Vault B

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The mystery continues as there is said to be another vault within vault B. It is said to be more of a chamber and it has walls made thick with gold. It is said that the real treasure lies within that room. However, no such chamber was mentioned in any of the audits that were performed in Vault B.

9. The Travancore Royal Family

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The original owner of all of this gold was owned by a man named Lord Padmanabhaswamy. The temple was looked after by the trust group known as the Travancore Royal Family. Since then the Supreme Court has removed the Travancore Royal Family from ownership of the temple.

8. A Place Of Worship

Gold isn’t the only thing the temple is significant for. The temple is one of 108 centers of worship in Vaishnavism. The temple wasn’t originally coated in gold and there have been additions made to the temple ever since the 16th century.

7. Endless Supplies Of Gold


One of the most controversial things that surrounds the temple and the surrounding area is the fact that the small town at the base of the temple lives in poverty. Meanwhile, there is literally millions of dollars worth of gold just sitting in the temple.

6. The Curse Of Chamber B

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As mentioned before, the curse of the Chamber B once frightened locals who would go towards the temple and they wouldn’t dare try and open the temple door. The door was made even more strange by having no way of opening it even if someone did want to try and risk the curse. The door was made with no handles leading many to believe there is a hidden tunnel underneath.

5. Upgrade In Security

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With the break in that happened the temple decided it was time to enhance their security. They did this by installing security cameras and metal detectors around the premises. Obviously, this still won’t stop many from attempting to take the riches inside but it is a step in the right direction of protecting the temple’s history.

4. The People Who Have Visited The Temple

Many people have visited the temple and entered. These people have impressive stories to tell of their visit. Jake Halpern with The New Yorker Magazine interviewed several people who claimed they opened the vaults during audits. One of the auditors told Halpern just how hard it was to get into the chamber as there was a set of three doorways all needing separate keys to get in.

3. Gold Just Sitting Around

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The people living around the temple constantly complain that while they are living in poverty there is several million in gold just sitting in the temple that looks down on them. This may be one of the reasons someone broke into the temple and made off with several thousands worth of gold.

2. The Legends of Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple


The legends of the Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple will live on forever and the tale of the gold inside will likely be told over and over through generations. Along with the curse of the snake that guards Vault B inside the temple. Whether or not the curse is actually real or not we will never actually know.

1. Visit The Temple


You can now plan a trip to see the temple in person and it is worth it just to see the gold lining on the outside of the temple. While you can’t go into any of the vaults for obvious reasons it is cool to see the temple itself and stare up at it in wonder of just how much money is on the inside.