Have you ever noticed that sometimes passion for an activity gets passed through generations? Just like the fathers of the world’s best athletes players used to be athletes themselves. However, the passions that kids inherit from their parents are not only about sports. The story that you are about to see today is about how a simple and honest job like trucking has managed to bring together a father with his son who he hadn’t seen in more than two decades.

20. Meet Nate

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The man in this picture is Nate Boos. Nate has been dreaming about becoming a truck driver ever since he was little a boy. There was something about big trucks that simply made him love them. Luckily, Nate followed his dream and he now has his own trucking company.

19. Adopted


What we didn’t mention about Nate is that he is adopted. Although, Nate doesn’t think about that at all.  In fact, he never cared to find out who his biological parents are and his adoptive family never told him anything because they noticed his lack of interest.

18. Biological Parents

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Even though most kids who are adopted make it their top priority to get in touch with their biological parents after finding out that they are adopted, this is not the case for Nate. Nate feels loved where he is and he doesn’t care about his origins.

17. Truck Driving

facebook.com/Nate Boos

As we previously mentioned, Nate has always been passionate about driving trucks and he does what he loves every day. In fact, nearly all of Nate’s friends are truckers as well.

16. Wild Ride


One day, Nate invited his adoptive dad on a ride to show him what being a truck driver is all about. The adoptive dad accepted the invitation and he was glad that he gets to spend quality time with his son.

15. Big Secret


As Nate’s adoptive father noticed how big his son’s passion for trucking is, he realized something. This passion for trucks must have been passed down from Nate’s biological father who was also a trucker. The adoptive father wanted to tell Nate about this but he didn’t know if Nate wanted to find out more about his biological dad…

14. The Real Dad


Nate’s adoptive father couldn’t hold it in anymore and he told Nate that his biological father was also a trucker. Nate couldn’t believe what he was hearing. It was finally making sense to him why he enjoys trucking so much.

13. Good Laugh

facebook.com/Nate Boos

Nate was staring out of the truck’s window and he started laughing. When his adoptive father asked him why he is laughing, Nate told him he believes that he might have worked with his father at one point or another.

12. Minding His Own Business


Nate was now aware that his biological father was a truck driver, just like him. However, Nate didn’t want to bother finding out more information and he kept to himself like he always does.

11. Facebook Friend

facebook.com/Robert Degaro

One day, Nate’s adoptive mother was checking his Facebook friends list, as all mothers do with their children and she spotted a familiar name that shocked her.

10. Robert Degaro

facebook.com/Robert Degaro

Nate’s adoptive mother saw that her son is friends with a man by the name of Robert Degaro. This is Nate’s biological father! The woman needed to figure out a way to tell Nate about this.

9. The Truth

facebook.com/Robert Degaro

The woman decided to call Nate and let him know about his father. She picked up the phone and told Nate that he needs to take a seat because what she is about to tell him might shock him.

8. Nate Is Amazed

facebook.com/Nate Boos

Nate couldn’t believe that Robert Degaro is his biological father. Nate is friends with Robert and they even work together from time to time. This was too unreal and Nate needed to call Robert so that he could confirm this!

7. Robert Didn’t Know Either!


Nate picked up the phone and called Robert to tell him if he knew that he was his biological father all along. Robert was amazed as well. He had no idea that his friend from is work is none other than the son he gave up for adoption when he was younger.

6. Great Friendship


Nate and Robert were just friends a couple of days ago but now, they are more than that! Nate asked Robert about his mother and Robert told him that she is his ex-wife and that they don’t keep in touch anymore. Not just that, but Robert also revealed the reason why he needed to give Nate up for adoption.

5. The Real Reason


Robert told his newfound son that the reason why he and his ex-wife needed to give him out for adoption is because they were poor. They didn’t have any money to raise him and they simply wanted to offer him a better life.

4. A Better Life

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Even though Nate didn’t have any reason to be mad at his biological parents, he now knew the real reason why he was given away when he was a small baby. His parents simply wanted the best for him.

3. Wedding Invitation

Nate understood Robert and the friendship between them became stronger than it ever was. Nate even invited Robert and his new fiancee to his wedding with long-time girlfriend Nicole Marie Hein.

2. New Beggings


Nate didn’t mind that he was adopted, but he was happy to finally know who his real dad is. More than that, Nate was happy to know where his passion for trucking came from.

1. The Love For Trucking


Isn’t it incredible how the love for driving big cars brought a man and his long lost son together? This isn’t something that you see every day.