When we say unique dog houses, we mean they’re extremely fabulous, funny and elaborate! Some of the next houses used recycled materials, some are wooden, other are more natural. Some have gardens on the roof and wait until you see a jacuzzi at #17!

Prepare to check out the most amazing dog houses of all times. Warning! Your pet might be itching to get a dog house by the end of this article!

20. A Huge Mansion


This house was custom built for a Great Dane! It has two floors, electricity, a fire hydrant, a balcony, a deck and more! The owner of the pooch wrote that “with a little remodeling and resizing, it could actually make for a nice little escape cabin in the woods.”

The next one even has a playground!

19. Best Human Ever!


Aaron Franks built his four dogs not just a dog house, but an entire playground with three layers, a pool and so many interesting stuff for them:

“They go down there jumping and playing around, swinging on the swings. It’s pretty cool,” he said.

18. Celebrity Dog House


This dog house is a small version of Rachel Hunter’s house from California and was custom made by design artists at La Petite Maison. That pooch is really lucky to have such a loving owner. That house is so big it can even fit a human!

17. Dog House With a Jacuzzi?


This is quite a huge house! We now know who is a good boy, considering the house has everything! A lot of windows, three rooms, a Jacuzzi and a bone-shaped rug to chill on the porch.

The next pooch has a cottage house!

16. The Cottage Dream House


If you love how cottage houses look and you also love your pooch, get this personalized dog house with two rooms, a deck and a dreamy design. There’s nothing better than chilling on that porch and watching the cat sitting in a box!

The following house has an awesome garden.

15. I’ll Go On the Wooftop


The pooch can see the world from another height with this interesting contemporary house which uses galvanized steel and an awesome roof that complements the lawn. The beautiful fountain is great as a water source or a place to splash around in the heat of the summer.

We also found some indoor houses for the dogs that don’t want to go outside.

14. Fancy Doggie


If your dog is a princess or the king of the world, then he needs a high-end house. If it matches your opulent home, then the velour and drapes will add a Bow-Wow look which would make any other dog owner jealous.

13. The Lucky Husky


This pooch is the happy owner of a stylish home. The house is called 1118 Woof Ranch and it has a deck perfect for lounging and taking dinner. The house is partially covered and it has a roof that recycles rainwater for the decorative planter.

12. Surfing Pooch


A team of designers from L.A. got inspired by the South Bay lifeguards and created a doghouse worth of our precious dog. It comes with a low deck and a ramp for smaller or older dogs. It is made of solid wood that will last for years.

11. The American House


This mansion might remind you of your playhouse, and we can tell you that for this pooch, it’s fun and cozy! The great thing about it is that it also has a kennel and a door on the side so you can enter and say hi or hang out with the pooch.

10. This is Wheely Awesome


There are a lot of customizable pet trailers out there that we couldn’t pick one to show it here! They come in various colors, are made out of recyclable aluminum, plywood, and plastic and even have a license plate!

Check out the next huge dog house!

9. Just WOW!


We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw this amazing house! Is it a kid’s playhouse? No, it’s a dog house, and it has four places where your dog or dogs can hang out! There’s even a place for toys… This is a lucky dog…

8. The Other Lifeguard


Your pooch deserves a beach house next to the pool. And by the look of this tiny fluff, he appears to be very excited about his new crib! He can see EVERYTHING from up there!

And for the winter, this next dog house is perfect…

7. One Spoiled Dog


If you prefer to have an indoors space for your pooch, use the space under the stairs. It makes for a great spot for your dog to go and rest. Decorate it like a small sized room with a couch, pillows and a rug, and you’ll have a very spoiled pup!

6. Chilling Outside


If your dog prefers to spend a lot of time outside, they will need a safe and shaded place to rest. It has to protect them from the elements and also look nice in your yard. Of course, you can always build your pooch a castle, why not? There’s also an indoors fort at #4.

5. Two Happy Dogs


Do you have two dogs that like to play around in the yard? Then get some wood, materials for the roof, and get crafty! Make sure everything is sturdy and well isolated, or look for some tips or a professional’s help.

4. Indoors Fort


This small wooden dog house looks so stylish! It goes great with some wooden furniture or inside a farmhouse. These dogs are the kings of the fort! The next pooch really likes his “man cave.”

3. The Howlbbit


This pooch loves his hobbit hole house – it provides shelter from the elements, and it’s raised above the ground. The best thing about it is that the pooch can jump up and down the hill and it all looks so natural!

2. Another Mansion


Dogs love the outdoors so much that they even like to sneak out the yard while you’re not looking. So, the best house for these adventurers comes with a big kennel which also works as a porch.

1. The Tiny Home


This modern looking house is perfect for chilling during the day or the warm nights in the summer. It comes with solar charging lights and a beautiful entrance.