Winter might look like it’s from a fairy tale when you see white forests and frozen lakes, but it’s also very dangerous to humans and animals. In Siberia, cold weather is not something you take lightly. Everyone must be more careful during the winter.

Animals’ instinct helps them through the freezing winter, but they can also get in trouble, just like this red deer from Siberia. Thankfully, a group of hunters and volunteers rushed to him!

20. Extreme Winters

We all know winters can get extreme, with record low temperatures especially in the coldest spots on Earth. Such weather is dangerous for wild animals. When a red deer got in trouble, it was lucky to be heard by humans…

19. Stuck in Ice Antics

You might have heard of other animals that were stuck on frozen patches of ice. But bigger animals can get into much more trouble. This red deer was stuck in an icy lake in Russia and would have probably never gotten out all by himself.

18. Weird Noises Antics

Fortunately, someone heard his cries and called for help. In a matter of minutes, a group of hunters and volunteers arrived to help the animal from the frozen lake. Things were much more complicated…

17. Spotting The Animal Antics

The rescue group found the source of the noise and saw the red deer barely keeping its head above the freezing water. It seemed like the frozen lake gave away under his weight. Hunters did not hesitate to rescue him!

16. A Dangerous Situation Antics

The poor stag was struggling in that frozen lake, as rescuers tried to pull it out with a rope and cut a path through the ice. Now you might be wondering why animal hunters would save an animal that they could very well hunt the next day?

15. Saving A Life

Hunters are not necessarily hunting animals because they’re cruel. They can also help cull populations of animals that have grown too much because of a lack of predators. If not, this could threaten the balance of the ecosystem.

14. Getting The Call

Aleksej Baluev got a phone call about the stag in the lake and immediately got in touch with the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations. He gathered a team of vets, workers from the Ministry and local volunteers. The rescue mission was difficult, lasting over five hours!

13. A Tough Task

Saving a big animal from a frozen lake is challenging. The team had to use a chainsaw and cut through the frozen lake so that they can better maneuver and take the stag out of the water. Finally, they managed to pull it out, but this was only part of the rescue mission…

12. The Deer Was Exhausted Antics

As soon as they pulled the deer out from the river by its horns, they saw that the poor animal didn’t have enough strength to fight for its life. But after hours of trying to take the stag out, the rescuers didn’t want to give up!

11. Something Had To Be Done

Thankfully for Aleksey Baluev who filmed the entire moments, he had with him the vets that knew what was needed to keep the animal alive. They called for a car with a sleigh and meanwhile, they built a fire and started to rub the deer’s body…

10. Keep Him Warm Antics

“We need to get it away from the cold,” Baluev, says to his friends while he’s filming. They pull the animal close to the fire and start to rub and move its legs to make the animal warmer. The car gets closer and the team struggles to place the deer in the sleigh.

9. Freezing Temperatures

The fire in the forest didn’t help much. Being all soaked and exposed to the freezing temperatures, the deer didn’t stand a chance. So the rescue team took it to the town.

8. No Injury

The deer didn’t show any external injuries, which was more than good news. But it needed a warmer place where the blood circulation could get up and running again. The Russian rescuers even go a little further and decide on feeding the stag some peculiar ‘foods.’

7. In The Garage Antics

As soon as the deer is taken to the town, the team takes it into a local garage and continue to rub and dry the animal. They start moving its feet again to put the blood in motion, and then the hunters feed him a chunk of lard to help him fight. Then, they find some vodka!

6. Warm On The Inside

Believe it or not, but the stag did get a fix of 150 grams of vodka. The theory was to warm the animal from the inside with the alcohol helping to speed the process of recovery. Did it work?

5. It Was a Success Antics

Getting that 150 grams of vodka definitely helped the stag warm up! His story has a happy ending. The animal started to move on his own and slowly got up. The hunters knew what to do next…

4. Back Home

As soon as the stag showed signs that he was able to stand on his own feet and walk around, the rescue team opened the doors of the garage and took him to a nearby forest.

3. Running Again Antics

It sure looked like the deer was doing just fine after seeing him run back into the forest. Thanks to these kind people, the animal got to live another day.

2. Rescuing Animals

It doesn’t matter what your occupation is as long as you’re always ready to help out people or animals when they need it. Even though this rescue mission seemed impossible, the hunters and volunteers did their best!

1. The Happy Ending

The stag was lucky that day to have been heard by humans. Hopefully, he would be more careful around frozen lakes in the future! We’re so happy that these brave men spent their day saving an animal in need of help!