Ameer Rosic likes to call his followers “Optimal Nation,” and for good reason – he works tirelessly to help people optimize their overall health and well being. In this video, Ameer discusses Glutathione, which is perhaps the most important antioxidant that nobody knows about.

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione (GSH) is a peptide that:

  1. is made in your liver.
  2. requires you have to have healthy Mitochondria and ATP in order to make it.
  3. is made up of three amino acids put together: l-glutamine, cysteine and glycine.

Why Should I Care About My Glutathione Levels?

Glutathione has been shown to:

  • Fight cancer2
  • Promote T-cell function
  • Protect from environmental toxins
  • Offer marked improvement in symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease3

In short, it’s a powerhouse antioxidant whose health benefits are far-reaching.

How Can I Increase My Glutathione Levels Naturally?

Watch the video…