Before we get into relationships, we like to get to know people. For a man, it’s a really important period because they get to see how much they have in common with a woman, but they also get to sniff out any red flags that may exist. But sometimes it can be difficult to do that, and some men have no idea what to look out for- so, we’re going to help out with that. We’ve researched the top red flags that a man should look out for in a woman, so if you’d like to find out what they are and become a bit more enlightened, keep reading.

1. She calls herself a drama queen


It’s one thing to be known as a drama queen and another to call one’s self a drama queen. It means she knows she likes to stir things up and is probably proud of it too. Unless you also thrive on negativity, you’ll need to stay away from this kind of woman.

2. You despise all her friends


You don’t need to like someone’s friends to be involved with them, but it can make things much easier. If it’s awkward every time you all hang out or if they cause arguments between you and your lady, then it will make your relationship that much harder.

3. She flakes on you pretty often


Things come up- it’s a part of life. But if she has to cancel on your for most of your plans, then it may not be worth it. You’ll be constantly let down and when you get used to it, you’ll resent her. It may be best to put a stop to the relationship before it really gets off the ground.

4. She hates ALL her exes


This may seem odd to you, but if your girl hates all her exes, and feels the need to tell you about each and every one of them constantly, then she may have a bit more to do with why the relationship ended than she’s letting on. It also means that she may not be over them yet or at the very least, does not have closure. Each of these is a red flag you should look out for.

5. She gets angry quickly


A bad temper is one of the biggest red flags you can come across. It means that the woman you’re dating probably isn’t capable of handling disagreements maturely. You’ll find yourself constantly trying to calm her down and make her happy and it will get really exhausting to have to do it all the time.

6. She treats people badly


How someone treats other people can say a lot about their character. And we know you wouldn’t want to be with someone who is rude to others for absolutely no reason. A good test is to take her out to a restaurant or hotel and see how she talks to the staff.

7. She expects to be treated like royalty all the time


This kind of behavior can be annoying even to the men who have the money and means to treat a woman like royalty. This sense of entitlement will get old really quickly, so it’s important to note the early signs, before you invest too much time (and money).

8. You argue all the time


Whether you’re an adult or a teenager, you know that a relationship isn’t healthy if there are arguments every other day. So if you’re seeing that behavior early on, making yourself a couple won’t change anything, in fact, it’ll get worse.

9. She hates it when you spend time with your friends


This kind of thing tends to start out slow and it’ll seem cute at first when she asks you to stay in instead of going out with your friends, but as time passes, her demands will only get more outrageous. You’ll either lose your friends and your sense of freedom or you’ll be fighting to keep it every other weekend or so.

10. She keeps you from your family


It’s one thing to want to keep you from your friends but something else entirely if she wants to create a wedge between you and the people who raised you. Family is one of the most important things in the world, and if you get a sense that your girlfriend is trying to do this, it is a gigantic red flag- big enough to leave her for.

11. She never says sorry or hates to apologize


Someone who doesn’t apologize is dangerous, no matter how you slice it. It either means that they think they’re never wrong, which is a whole other ball game or they just don’t like or want to apologize. Being able to say sorry means that a person has the ability to be humble, even if it’s just for two seconds. If a person can’t do that, then it’ll cause problems in the future.

12. She doesn’t say thank you


Saying “thank you” means that a person is able to show gratitude. It’s actually one of the fundamentals we’re taught as children. If you’re with a girl, who doesn’t say it, no matter how big or small the gesture, something is most definitely wrong.

13. She thinks you’re a couple after one date


Guys, you should always be wary of girls who like moving extremely fast, especially when it comes to putting a title on things. There shouldn’t be a rush to label anything. If she is, it could mean that she’s trying to prove something- either to herself or others.

14. She’s in a hurry to meet your parents


There really shouldn’t be a rush to meet your parents. No matter how down to earth your folks are, it’s not cool to introduce them to girls you’re not quite sure about. It’s a big step and one you should think long and hard about. If she’s pressuring you to move it along, it’s a red flag.

15. She’s obsessed with social media


In this day and age, almost everyone is on social media. You can keep up with friends, find out what’s on the news and entertain yourself to no end looking through people’s posts. But it has also been known to cause damage to people’s relationships. Anything that appears to be an obsession should be approached with a healthy amount of caution.

16. She’s a different person on social media


Being deceived is not fun. If the girl you’re interested in portrays herself to be one way online but is completely different in person, it could be a sign that they’re good at being dishonest. And you don’t need us to tell you how horrible that can be.

17. She gets jealous really easily


There’s being territorial and there’s being jealous. While the former can seem cute to some men, the latter is a definite turn off in a healthy relationship. If she gets mad when you talk to your female friends or does things to try to get you jealous, then it’s not worth it.

18. She’s very clingy


Some men are fans of clingers, but most aren’t. Clingy women tend to get jealous easily, are very needy and will not give you a break! If she wants to go everywhere with you, calls you every five seconds and can’t do anything on her own, you may want to reconsider starting a relationship with her. Unless you can handle it, that is.

19. She keeps tabs on you


Remember how annoying it was when your parents or older siblings would chaperone you? How would you feel having a woman constantly check to see where you are, what you’re doing, who you’re with and what time you’ll be back? Annoyed, right? Stay away as soon as you see the signs.

20. She never disagrees with you


It’s great to have things in common, but no one is 100% compatible, not even identical twins. If she never disagrees with you, chances are she’s not being herself and is trying very hard to impress you. A woman should be comfortable with who she is, not suppress her thoughts and feelings to make herself more attractive in your eyes.

21. She keeps you at arm’s length


If you’ve been in a relationship for a while and there’s been no progress at all in breaking down some barriers, then chances are that she’s been through something very traumatizing. Now it is a red flag because it’s something that needs to be addressed (through conversation, therapy, etc.), but it shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

22. She isn’t supportive


There’s probably nothing worse than being with someone who does not support you. It doesn’t have to be financially, but it definitely has to be emotionally. It’s also important to have someone who will back up your dreams and ideas, even when you don’t. If you don’t get that feeling pretty early on, try to see if it’s there.

23. She talks down to you


Verbal abuse is definitely way up there on the red flag list. If she raises her voice at you, calls you names and crushes your hopes and dreams, it is not worth it- matter how rich, beautiful, or intelligent she is.

24. She complains about everything


Nobody loves a negative Nancy or someone who has something bad to say about, well, everything. Chances are if she complains a lot early on in your relationship, you’ll never be able to please her, at least not for very long. And who would want to subject themselves to this for years on end?

25. She has violent tendencies


Do we even have to explain why this is a red flag? It doesn’t matter if she uses her hands to get physical or throws objects at you. You can get hurt, law enforcement could get involved and it’s just unhealthy for everyone involved. STAY AWAY!

26. She is super flirty…with everyone


Having a girl who’s flirty can be pretty fun because it means she’ll probably keep you on your toes. But it’s not okay for her to be flirting with your friend or even random guys (or girls) if you guys are in a relationship. No matter how secure you are, it will start to affect you sooner or later.

27. She has a wandering eye


Being flirty and having a wandering eye are two totally different things. Flirting can be annoying, but for the most part, it’s harmless. Having a wandering eye means it’s more likely that the girl you’re seeing will act on her attraction to someone else.

28. She has cheated on all or most of her exes


It is completely fair to say that you shouldn’t judge someone based on their past actions, but that doesn’t mean that we have to be naïve when walking into a situation with someone who is a known cheater. If her track record isn’t too great where it comes to being faithful, it’s a red flag.

29. She’s always the victim


If there are constantly situations where you aren’t wrong, but end up taking the blame by the time each fight is over, then warning signs should go off in your head. If she can’t admit when she’s wrong, blames you instead and then makes it seem like you set out to hurt her, it’s a problem.

30. She’s not over her ex


There’s no feeling like being someone’s rebound. And you shouldn’t start something with anyone whose feelings are in turmoil about who they used to be with. You could end up getting hurt if she decides to go back to her previous relationship and if she stays, you may always wonder if she was just settling. Our advice is to give her some time to figure it out.

31. She’s never had female friends


Now, this isn’t a very big red flag or a complete deal breaker, but it is something you should take note of. It could mean that she can’t get along with females, which could be trouble if you ever introduce her to your friends and family.

32. She’s fake


We’re not talking about whether your girl has had any cosmetic work done. We’re referring to whether she’s nice to people to their face, but it very mean-spirited when they turn their backs. She could be doing it to you, your friends and your family and you should really stay away from that kind of negativity, to begin with.

33. She has no ambition/goals


It’s very hard being with someone who doesn’t want better for themselves. If they have no drive and can’t push themselves, how are they supposed to support you and yours?

34. She has bad hygiene


This is the one thing on the list that doesn’t need an explanation. Bad hygiene isn’t attractive; it’s embarrassing, it’s a complete turn-off and says a lot about the woman- none of which are good.

35. She wants you to change who you are


There’s nothing wrong with growing and evolving into a better person and sometimes, that can be prompted by the woman you’re with. But if she’s trying to shape you into the person SHE wants you to be, it won’t end well.

36. She likes playing games


Games are fun for kids and adults. But having someone on a leash and toying with their feelings is never good. If you’re getting the sense that the woman you’re seeing isn’t serious and is playing a game of pretend, end it as soon as you see the signs.

37. She’s a big gossip


Men and women gossip, although the argument about who does it more is still up in the air. Doing it constantly could mean that she’s probably not the most trustworthy person in the world, that she thrives on drama and that she doesn’t have constructive and fulfilling hobbies, which are definitely red flags.

38. She never offers to pay for anything


We’re big fans of chivalry and men still opening the door here. But it shouldn’t always be on him to pay for every single thing. Whether it’s the laundry or the groceries or a drink at the bar or a lunch date, it’s okay to offer to pay every once in a while. If a woman doesn’t, she could end up relying on you financially for everything and if your situation isn’t the best at the moment, it’ll become a huge burden.

39. She doesn’t let anything go


If there were rules we had to follow to make a relationship work, one of them would be forgiving and forgetting. If you’re with someone who throws all your past wrongs back in your face every single time you argue, it won’t stop. And you’ll always feel like you’re paying for the same crimes over and over again.

40. She makes no effort at all


One of the best ways to find out if a woman is truly into you is to look at the effort she’s putting into your courtship and relationship. If she doesn’t ever initiate a phone call, a text, the idea for a date or even refuses to give her opinions, then the sad truth is she may not feel as strongly for you as you do for her.

41. She uses sex as a tool


Now, this major red flag can be extremely difficult to recognize, especially because feelings are involved, but if being intimate comes with ‘ifs, ands or butts,’ and that she always seems to get something out of you every time you two are together, then you’re being used and manipulated with sex.

42. She has very different values than you do


People like to say opposites attract, but for a romantic relationship to last, you MUST have the same or similar values. If not, you’ll spend a lot of time arguing about your differences. It’s a red flag, but not one that means that the girl, or you, is wrong; you each just grew up differently.

43. She doesn’t take feedback well


Being with someone should mean that you’re able to be honest with them, even when they’re wrong. If you realize that the girl you’re with HATES correction and constructive criticism, it could really prevent you two from growing and progressing, No one is perfect and if she can’t understand you’re only looking out for her, then it’s definitely a red flag.

44. She lies


It’s completely unrealistic to expect that a relationship will be without a lie or two. But if it’s to the point where you know it’s a lie as soon as she says it, or you eventually find out everything she tells you is untrue, then you’ll be in a world of hurt if you keep seeing her.

45. She ignores the boundaries you set


No matter how comfortable you are with someone, there are boundaries no one should cross. If she ignores them, there’s a lack of respect there, and respect is very important in a relationship, no matter what kind it is.